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Michal "Peanut" Karmi | CUddlebug Parade

"Move over Raffi, Peanut has a new album out and we are over the moon with it!" - Ondria, Mommy's Block Party Parenting Blog

"Peanut's delightful music for wee ones is filled with every bit as much possibility, hope and love as they are.” – Jeff Bogle, Out With The Kids Parenting Blog

"Michal ‘Peanut’ Karmi populates her CD Cuddlebug Parade with music that is cute without being cutesy - which isn’t always an easy to do in children’s music." - Michael Berick, NAPPA judge


About Peanut

Michal “Peanut“ Karmi is a critically acclaimed children’s musician and entertainer based in Los Angeles, California. Such acclaim is no easy feat, when critics include two year-olds and their sleep-deprived parents. Peanut’s sweet voice, clever lyrics and joyful instrumentation create a warm and welcoming musical playground.

Toting her ukulele and a gentle voice, Peanut is named by parents as the sweetest children’s entertainer around. Her uplifting energy and genuine attentiveness are qualities that make her a truly unique performer. Peanut’s animated persona and natural gift with children captivate young listeners, all while providing an educational learning experience. She has an extensive background in childcare and lives to entertain through dance, song, strum and rhyme.









Cuddlebug Parade Info & all that jazz

Additional Musicians:
Corey Gemme - Trombone, Trumpet, Clarinet
Josh Collazo - Percussion
Juan Antonio Lopez - Bass, Whistles
Jake Sheehan - Bass
Andy Mohler - Saxophone
Eliel, Ketriel and Sivan Safran -Vocals (track 7)

Executive producer: Michal “Peanut" Karmi
Produced by: Michal “Peanut” Karmi
Producing contributions by: Juan Antonio Lopez
Tracks 2,3,6,11-13,15-18 recorded by Juan Antonio Lopez
Tracks 4,5,8,9,10,14 vox & uke recorded by Tim Boland
Tracks 1,7 recorded by Jason Hudak @ Pixar
Mixed by Chris Harrison
Mastered by Jacob LaCally
Album Art by Mindy Stockman
Genius Mastermind contributions by Robert Lydecker

(c) Sweetly Spun Music 2018